Important Information: PHP 5.6 Discontinuity Notification

  • Thursday, 14th March, 2019
  • 06:59am

Dear Customer,


Thank you for using our Linux Web Hosting Service. We are contacting with reference to how PHP Versions will be available on our Linux Web Servers with effect from 14th March 2019.

PHP 5.x series has been there for a while however PHP 7.x series is the latest PHP Version widely supported. As you may be aware PHP 5.x series had reached End of Support in December 2018, we have continued to provide it as our default PHP Version to accommodate our customers however this is now changing to ensure safety and security of our services.

PHP 5.6 will no longer be available as our default system PHP version on any of our Linux Shared Hosting Servers with immediate effect, any customers using default system PHP version will be automatically transferred to PHP 7.0 shortly. If this results in any PHP errors on your website we suggest you to upgrade your scripts at the earliest to support this change, however you may choose to change your web hosting PHP Version by logging in to cPanel and change the PHP version per domain by visiting MultiPHP Version Manager. Please note WiKi Hosting will not take any liability for any security issues that may arise due to this as no security patches are being released for this PHP version anymore.

Therefore, we recommend that all our respected customers upgrade their web scripts to support this change within 90 days of this notice, following which we may choose to permanently disable this version on our servers. This decision will depend on any decisions taken by cPanel therefore we are unable to confirm when this may be disabled however we strongly recommend that our customers please adhere to upgrading their web scripts for better security and compatibility.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard and look forward to provide you quality web hosting services as we are Where Quality Meets Superiority.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kind Regards,
Network Operations Manager 
WiKi Networks - Hosting Section | WhatsApp Support 24x7 +92 336 111 WIKI (9454)

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